TiME directs 100% of the money you donate to purchase and protect land in the most biologically diverse areas around the world. These hotspots of biodiversity are threatened by human activity and habitat loss. When you become a member (for as little as 1 USD!), you can vote to decide where our funds will be directed. All our professional staff are elected volunteers.

The current extinction rate is estimated to be
over 100 times the background rate (the natural extinction rate).

Habitat loss is the main driver of species extinction.
Tropical forests, holding much of the
world’s biodiversity, disappear at a rate of 5400m2/second.

Biodiversity hotspots
cover only 2.3% of the
world's land surface but hold 44% of all
species of vascular plants and 35% of vertebrate species.

We can significantly decrease the extinction rate by protecting biodiversity hotspots.

Most of the land in areas with high biological diversity is privately owned and thus at risk of development and destruction. Our goal is to purchase land to conserve these biologically rich areas.

Purchasing lands for conservation is a tool to save hotspots.

A recent study showed that with $254
million/year much of the biodiversity of Brazil’s Atlantic forest can be saved1