Every citizen of the world, child or adult, can now engage in the meaningful act of protecting our planet.

This is My Earth is a tool that enables every person to become a member of an international environmental organization for as little as $1 a year. The organization is supported by an array of environmental leaders and renowned scientists from around the world.

Education: TiME provides a hands-on tool to learn about biodiversity hotspots that urgently require international attention. Teachers can use it to explain concepts such as habitat destruction, extinction, biodiversity hotspots and wildlife management. Classes of all ages and levels can use TiME to discuss decision-making, prioritization and practical ways to protect wildlife.

Activism: TiME engages people from all countries to protect biodiversity hotspots. Every person is involved, not only by donating but also by voting and campaigning for their favorite conservation project. TiME is run on a voluntary basis, and everyone can become a member and contribute to its success.

Democracy: Every member of TiME has a single annual vote, regardless of donation amount. By providing a full democracy among its members, TiME becomes a tool for promoting democratic principles around the world.

“ Nothing could be more important than securing the amazing diversity of our biological hotspots. The truth is that if we lose them, we are not likely to be able to restore them. They could be gone forever, and with that, the ability for humans to survive. “
Wanjira Mathai,
Executive Director of the Green Belt Movement