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July 2018 – On prioritizing core areas, corridors and conflict hotspots

June 2018 – What does our next generation have to say?

May 2018 – Does pop culture hinder conservation?

April 2018 – Meet 15-year-old published author, Tiana Or-Gordon

March 2018 – How do we choose which animals to protect?

February 2018 – TiME’s new project in Colombia

January 2018 – Meet Sam Shanee, co-founder of Neotropical Primate Conservation


December 2017 – “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice”

November 2017 – The hidden environmental hazard of palm oil

October 2017 – 20th edition: Less rain in the rainforest?

July 2017 – Deforestation worst for intact ecosystems

June 2017 – Help TiME protect Sun Angel’s Gardens, Peru

May 2017 – TiME works with locals to protect wildlife in El Toro, Peru

May 2017 – We made it with you! TiME purchases land in El Toro, Peru

April 2017 – Could natural tree fall cause deforestation?

March 2017 – Scientists suggest iconic animals should be prioritized for conservation

February 2017 – Meet Henry Gold: working in Africa and working with TiME

January 2017 – Starting 2017 with good news!


December 2016 – Help TiME protect the last remaining Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys of Peru

November 2016 – Meet Jasmine, a 12-year-old TiME supporter

October 2016 – Which threatened habitat gets your vote?

September 2016 – Check out TiME’s new website

August 2016 – TiME’s founder Professor Uri Shanas visits Kenya

July 2016 – Biodiversity loss in newly disturbed rainforest worse than expected

June 2016 – 5 ways social media fights climate change

May 2016 – Meet Chinese Environmental Economist Jian Wu

March 2016 – Meet Wanjira Mathai, head of Kenya’s Green Belt Movement

February 2016 – TiME and the Sixth Mass Extinction