Our Teams

Behind the scenes, an incredible collection of scientists, activists, donors, and supporters make this non-profit possible. In addition to our expert Board of Directors and members, we have a Scientific Advisory Committee of esteemed academics, our patrons who provided the organization with its initial funding, and numerous, gifted volunteers who help keep TiME running.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Board of Directors


Are you interested in joining the TiME volunteers team? We’re currently seeking the following:

  • Film maker – whiteboard animation
  • PRs
  • Students activists
  • Website content writers

Let us know you’re interested here! If you would like to attach a cover letter or resume, please submit by email.


Professors Uri Shanas (r.) and Alon Tal, respectively of University of Haifa-Oranim and Tel Aviv University, founded TiME to create a transparent and democratic conservation network on an international scale. Through TiME, they promote activism, educate the global community, and enable members and local groups to protect lands in biodiversity hotspots around the world.