Distance learning: Engagement in Real-Life Conservation
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Middle school/Junior high school

Lesson Plan: Class Engagement in Real-Life Conservation

Modified for distance learning using Zoom (Aug 2020)

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90 min.




  • Learning basic concepts and challenges in conservation biology
  • Supporting engagement and activism


  • Personal laptop computers/smartphones
  • Internet connection


  1. The teacher introduces the topic: a short introduction on species extinction and
    biodiversity hotspots. (10 min.). For example:
  2. The class is divided into three groups (if you have more time it is possible to begin with pairs and then in larger groups), each in a different Zoom breakout room.
  3. a) Each group is assigned to one of the three conservation projects on TiME’s website. b) Each group reads and discusses the project’s information pages, summarizing its unique characteristics and the reasons why the habitat should be preserved. (20-25 min.). It is recommended to assign a group leader.
  4. Each group answers the following questions: (15 min.)
    • On which continent is your project located?
    • What are three unique characteristics of this habitat that make it important for conservation?
    • What are the main risks facing this habitat?
    • Why do you think this place should be protected?
  5. The groups prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share on Zoom (20 min).
  6. Each group chooses two representatives to argue for the conservation of “their” site. Back in the main Zoom room: the representatives present their arguments to the class using their PowerPoint presentations. (15 min.)
  7. Using the Zoom voting feature (Make sure to make it available before the Zoom call begins) have the students vote for their preferred site (5 min.)
  8. Finally the teacher shows the website to the students, tells the story of the last ballot and presents the past winners. (5-10 min.)


Discuss TiME’s projects with your family and vote as a family for the habitat you wish to preserve.

For more information, an extended lesson plan (180 min.), useful links and anything else you’d like to discuss with TiME, please write to [email protected]