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What is TiME?

TiME · This is My Earth is a non-profit, international environmental organization that offers every citizen of the world an opportunity to protect biodiversity for as little as $1 a year.

How exactly does TiME work?

TiME · This is My Earth provides a global, transparent, and democratic platform for anyone and everyone to help preserve biodiversity. Members like you make an annual donation and vote on which threatened habitat they want to save! Whichever project receives the most votes will receive 100 percent of TiME’s crowdfunded donations, if the price to purchase the land is reached.

Where does TiME gets its funding?

TiME · This is My Earth receives both crowdsourced donations from our dedicated members and grants from generous conservation foundations.

Who runs TiME?

TiME · This is My Earth succeeds thanks to our esteemed Scientific Advisory Committee; our expert Board of Directors overseeing operations; our gifted team of Volunteers provide pro bono services for the organization; and our many Patrons who provided the initial funds to jumpstart the organization. Of course, nothing would be possible without our thousands of members (like you!) and private foundations making contributions to protect biodiversity! To learn more about the people behind TiME, visit our About Us page!

What happens to the land when TiME buys it?

All lands acquired by TiME · This is My Earth are given to indigenous peoples working in collaboration with local conservation organizations to protect the land.

What differentiates TiME from all the other conservation non-profits?

TiME · This is My Earth operates differently than your average conservation NGO. We’re a democratic organization, in that all members receive a vote to help decide which threatened habitats they want TiME to purchase and protect. We strongly value financial transparency, contributing 100 percent of all crowdsourced donations to purchasing and protecting lands. To achieve this outstanding financial effectiveness, we operate entirely through the generosity of volunteers, organizations, and foundations who provide their time and skills pro bono and offer funds for our operations.

Why is environmental conservation important?

Tropical rainforests disappear at a rate of 5,400 square meters per second. With increasing urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural expansion, our own human development endangers habitats and species. To protect our planet’s rich natural environment without hindering human progress, land acquisition and protection provides the best solution for preserving Earth’s amazing biodiversity hotspots.

How can I help TiME?

Become a member! Donate as little as $1 annually to support TiME and vote for which threatened habitat you want preserved this year.

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