Sun Angel’s Gardens, Peru
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Sun Angel’s Gardens, Peru

TiME’s successful crowdfunding allowed the local community to expand and better protect an Amazonian conservation area. The original reserve’s horse-shoe shape made it harder to protect from illegal loggers, hunters and squatters. TiME purchased land in the interior U-shape and then signed it over to the local conservation organization, the Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios La Primavera (APALP). Along with the purchase, APALP signed a conservation agreement promising to ensure the protection of both areas in perpetuity.



The Habitat

The geographical complexity of the site, including high mountains and deep valleys, allows for a variety of wildlife that doesn’t normally share the same habitat. As well as being incredibly biodiverse, this area is home to many rare, endemic and threatened species of birds and mammals, including the Endangered Royal Sunangel hummingbird (Heliangelus regalis) and the Endangered White-fronted Spider Monkey (Ateles belzebuth). It is part of the recently classified Gran Pajatén UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which covers over 2.5 million hectares of forests and Andean puna (grasslands) and protects both the unique biological and cultural heritage of the area.

Ecoregion: Peruvian yungas (NT0153)

Some of the threatened species protected on this land include:

Local Partner NGO

Status of registration of the group at the national level

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC)  is a registered charity in the UK (No. 1131122)

NPC-Perú is a sister organization, registered in Peru as a nonprofit association (No. 11022917) and tax-exempt. NPC is currently in the process of registering with Agencia Peruana de Cooperación Internacional.

Governance and management structure of the group

Neotropical Primate Conservation is a UK-based registered charity with the legal objective to contribute to the long-term conservation of Neotropical forest biodiversity. NPC UK works in tandem with Asociación Neotropical Primate Conservation Perú, a registered nonprofit organization. The boards of directors of both NPC UK and NPC Peru are composed of experts in conservation biology, anthropology, education, development and law. To achieve its objective, the organization undertakes related projects of research, land purchase and protection, reforestation, public awareness and promoting sustainable economic activity. To ensure the sustainability of our conservation efforts, all our work is carried out in conjunction with and for the benefit of local people. We have been instrumental in the creation of 11 protected areas, covering about 100,000 hectares, and the rescue of more than 4,000 illegally trafficked wild animals. To create and manage reserves we carry out biological inventories, build local capacity, provide legal advice and help raise funds for management.

Conservation Plans

TiME’s conservation model is not your typical conservation solution. In contrast to “Green Colonialism” schemes where locals are dispossessed and denied access to vital resources, this land is now owned by the community of La Primavera, through the local conservation organization, the Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios La Primavera (APALP). Along with the purchase, APALP signed a conservation agreement promising to ensure the protection of the land in perpetuity.

By strengthening capacity and leadership, indigenous peoples and local communities participate more fully in making the decisions that will shape their futures and the future of the environment.

TiME’s conservation initiatives are not only an honest and efficient answer to habitat and species loss but are also uniquely tailored to the local community’s social structure, allowing for local participation in conservation efforts.

Yellow-throated Toucan standing on a tree branch in Sun Angel's Gardens, Peru



  • Camera traps caught footage of Spectacled Bears within the area, and locals recorded the increased presence of Jaguars in the area.
  • We received extra funding (from a third organization) for the purchase of extra lands to be incorporated into the Jardines Angel del Sol Conservation Concession.*
  • We began a project to monitor and conserve Spectacled Bears in the Jardines Angel del Sol and other sites. The project is between NPC, the community, and San Diego Global.


* The paperwork and internal communal, regional, and national politics means that the official inscriptions have not been completed. However, the community has accepted the proposal.