Climate Change and Nature Preservation for Elementary School
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Elementary school

Climate Change and Nature Preservation Curriculum for Elementary School

Learning basic concepts about biodiversity and conservation through hands-on activities and group work

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up to 30 hours




  • To elevate consciousness about biodiversity
  • To nurture a sense of social responsibility toward the protection and preservation of biodiversity


  • internet connection and projector
  • computer/laptop/tablet (at least one per group)
  • pages/notebook and pens
  • various materials (e.g., pine cones, toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, small branches, leaves, re-used paper snippets in different sizes),
  • crayons/colored pencils/markers, glue
  • 6 longish, thickish sticks/branches or paper/cardboard/rubber pieces
  • utensils (e.g., dull spreading knives, forks and spoons)
  • small food items (e.g., cucumber and carrot slices, bread pieces, marshmallows, toffee, chocolate cubes) or other small things (e.g., lego bricks, sponge pieces)

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1: Endemic species

Lesson 2: Ecological corridors and stepping stones

Lesson 3: Adaptation and compatibility to habitat

Lesson 4: Vulnerable, Endangered, and Critically Endangered species

Lessons 5–7: Research Assignment

Lesson 8: Involvement

Each lesson has a different procedure detailed in the full curriculum guide. Activities include doing arts and crafts, playing games, conducting research as a group, watching short videos, having class discussions and voting.



Encourage students to share what they learned with their families and community outside school.