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Middle school/Junior high school

Lesson: Biodiversity Conservation in Action

Companion to TiME + ECO Lesson. A concise and complete guide for educators.

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60-90 min.


                                • Objectives:

                              By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

                            1. 1. Define biodiversity and describe what makes a particular area a biodiversity hotspot,
                              2. Discuss the challenges and threats to biodiversity conservation,
                              3. Develop and present an argument in favor of preserving a particular biodiversity hotspot
                              through the TiME organization, and
                              4. Understand the basic concepts, challenges, and importance of biodiversity conservation.


Teacher Supplies:

      • Paper, Pencil
      • Computer, Tablet and Internet Connection

Lesson Links:




  • Set up the activity by opening the presentation titled TiME: Biodiversity Conservation in Action.
  • Print or distribute digital copies of the TiME Introduction handout, one for each student. Later, students will also need access (printed or digital copies) to the TiME Activity handout.
  • Determine student groups beforehand. Each group will be assigned one biodiversity hotspot for their research project before beginning the activity.

Share the project with others:


1. Encourage students to share what they learned with their families and community outside school.
2. What projects do their friends and families want to learn more about? Can they convince others to
cast a vote as well? This may be assigned as homework or an extension of the activity.
3. The more people that participate, the greater chance TiME has to preserve these critical habitats for generations to come!
4. Hold a TiME Day event at your school or in your organization! Here is the link:

For additional information or support contact in North America:
Darrell Erb: [email protected]
Amelia Corbari: [email protected]