Newsletters links

I spoke with our WP volunteer, Orit Landsman whether she can link our newsletters to the website. Orit immediately got to the task and soon developed a link to all our wonderful newsletters. It is then occurred to me that we already sent 18 (!) such newsletters. This is a perfect opportunity to thank our volunteers that without their talent and dedication we can not make it. First, we thank the two young editors that practically started this tradition, Noa Jett and Brett Kleiman. After a wonderful beginning, came Ruthi Brandt and took the task for a whole year! And now Liat Starkman gave our newsletter a facelift and keeps us updated with interesting news about TiME activity and other conservation stories. Above all, this is an opportunity for us to send a huge gratitude to Dr. Liat Radcliffe Ross, our chief editor, who’s doing an absolutely wonderful job in editing, suggesting, and making sure that everything we post is kept to a high level of language and coherence. So go ahead, use our links at the bottom of our front page and enjoy reading those newsletters that you might have missed or read again those that you enjoyed reading.